Welcome to Plaice Cove Spirits

We are bringing another facility online and adding capacity!

Our Services


Plaice Cove Spirits has what it takes to take a product idea from the drawing board to the retail shelf. The team offers market knowledge, technical capabilities and a knack for innovative thinking. We offer the industry advanced knowledge and technology, giving us the ability to keep up with current trends and changing consumer tastes.

Spirits Private Label

Plaice Cove Spirits produces a wide variety of private label spirits. We develop and produce high quality products that offer great value.

Our Bottling Process

The bottling process for your beverage is one of the final steps of your private label beverage development. Determining the proper bottling option for your beverage type, targeted audience and brand appearance is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Our team of professionals will work with you to determine the best bottling option for your alcohol beverage.

Scalable and flexible are touchstones. From incubation to full automation, Plaice Cove Spirits is your partner.